Runt by Craig Silvey

Annie Shearer and her dog Runt live with Annie’s family in the rural town of Upson Downs. Runt is an incredibly agile dog, but the problem is that Runt only obeys Annie, and only when no one is watching. To try and save the family farm, Annie manages to take Runt all the way to Krumpets Dog Show in London. But can she find a way to help Runt reveal his talent?

This story is a treasure. Packed with fascinating characters like the dreadful Earl Robert-Barren, nasty Fergus Fink, a grandmother named Dolly and judges Basil Peppercorn and Camilla Crowne-Jewel, there is fun and frivolity a-plenty. However, there are also many heart-warming moments, and some important themes, such as being true to yourself, and where appropriate responsibility lies.

“Everyone deserves to walk their own path.”

Wally Shearer

The black and white illustrations by Sara Acton highlight some of the action-packed scenes, with pictures starring Runt being my favourites. This is a book that is already being shortlisted and winning awards. I highly recommend it to readers of all ages and particularly those who are dog lovers.

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