My Story

About me so far…

I’ve always loved reading.

This is the first known picture of me reading. The book is Bambi!

I’ve been writing stories since I learned to write.

Here is the cover of my very first published book!

I won my first award!

I wrote stories all through school, including an entry in the inaugural Sydney Morning Herald’s Young Writer of the Year Award. It was illustrated by Nick Buttfield, and I still have a copy of it!

But it took time.

It wasn’t until I took some long service leave from my role as a teacher-librarian that I knew it was time to dive into making writing part of my life every day. So I enrolled in a course with the Australian College of Journalism. I loved every bit of it.

Within a year I had sold my first story – to Pearson magazines – to be published in Challenge magazine.

I danced for two days!

Since then I’ve had numerous articles and short stories published in magazines.

From 2008 I began to find some success with awards, including the CYA Writing and Illustrating competition for my novel The Power of the Paw, and the FAW National Literary Awards for the short story Grampa’s Shed.
Other awards followed, including…

winning the CYA Conference writing and illustration competition in 2014…

… in 2018, ‘Sophie’s Egg’ won the Junior Fiction section of the Inaugural Scribbles Writing Awards!

… and in 2020, I was awarded the CYA 1st prize for Skeletons in the cupboard!

For more, see my C.V:

What will the journey bring next?

Let’s dive in and see.

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