Boxes, boxes, boxes

In the middle of February my family relocated from the stunning Sapphire Coast to beautiful East Gippsland. For the past month my life has been packed in brown cardboard boxes. To begin with the extreme minimalism was refreshing.

But this week, we’ve moved on from the unpacking of essentials like crockery and household appliances. This week, each time I run the knife across the tape on another box, I release a variety of colours, shapes and textures that fill the new house with life: my life.

My beloved books, pictures, and ornaments are set free… the beefeater teddybear my parents brought back from London, the clay kelpie I found on my honeymoon, the cross-stitch bell-pull that took me three years to finish, the tiny book of Celtic prayers I love to dip into.

Moving is such upheaval, but as the boxes are flattened and my loved things find their perfect positions, my new house becomes my home.

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